Revenue Streams

Colorverse will be run using a Platform-as-a-Service model where new features will be introduced over time. Colorverse earns revenue from transactions occur within the ecosystem. Additionally, there will be incurred fees whenever creators wish to leverage Colorverse’s platform to launch their NFTs or utilizing our metaverse facilities.
The Treasury will begin to accumulate revenue once the platform is launched. Revenue generated by Colorverse will be placed in the Treasury to be used for future developments, maintenance, and marketing purposes. Revenue collected via fiat will be used for Popcorn tokens buyback and deposited into the Treasury.
For now, these are the primary fees in Colorverse platform -
  • NFT Launchpad - 20% from NFT Sales
  • Transaction - 20% from various transactions such as subscriptions and tipping
  • Advertising - the brand pay by our token. Watching advertisement will be treated as kind of rewarding action
  • Fixed Popcorn token charges to unlock additional features such as private chatroom creation, metaverse event creation, priority placement in Discover page. (Rates to be adjusted according to the present token value)