Why Web 3.0?

Community Economy on the Forefront
By integrating Web 3.0 technology and metaverse experience into the NFT community economy ecosystem, Colorverse is setting new standards and developing a new generation of social media platforms, eradicating problems and issues with the present social media landscape.
A democratic shift in how creators are paid, with greater ownership and clarity
Creators’ income streams are no longer being controlled social media platforms, now in clarity with Colorverse. Colorverse is designed to enable creators to expand their current ways of income from subscription, fees, gifting and tipping to cross-selling digital assets (NFTs), action-to-earn and unlocking more potentials via events, exclusivity with NFT community and a lot of other ways monetization. With Colorverse, our multi-payment and direct creation of NFT on our platforms and with tools, creators can create, liquify NFTs, create digital collectables, events, exclusives peeks after minting their own community’s NFT. The database is owned and used, connected by the creator whenever at needs.
Concept of Dynamic Earn-tertainment for Fans via Community Participation
At Colorverse, the concept of earn-tertainment is introduced to fans. Fans are no longer only the in social media and just browse, view, tip and subscribe. Fans are allowed to becoming contributors in the community and to participate in wealth generation by web 3.0 technologies such as minting NFT, trading digital assets and engaging with the brands, via being a KOC.
Influencer Marketing Evolutions for Brands with a New Form of Engagement
Colorverse’s Community Marketplace is here to allow marketing matrix setting and connect not just KOLs but also their respective communities, which leads to a newer concept of KOC (key opinion consumers). Brands will be enabled with control and vision via our one-stop dashboard in Community Marketplace for marketing and advertising efficiency and evaluation. Product Seedings, engagement, trials and other sales-ops are transformed to be easier, with a direct connection between brands and communities on our Community Marketplace.