Unleash the power of NFT Community with different products and solutions
At Colorverse, we believe that there is still a gap to be bridged between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 users. With this in mind, the platform was built with features to optimize the potential of NFT Community for the creators, fans and brands.
We begin by bridging between NFTs and the creator economy to form the community economy. NFTs serve as the perfect instrument to protect creators’ content right and their incomes, hence we build an NFT launchpad to help creators launch their NFT without the need to master the technical know-how.
NFTs launched within Colorverse will inherit all built-in features that are ready to be utilized by creators to build strong relationship with their fans.
Fans, on the other hand, have various ways to support creators they admire with our Popcorn utility tokens or through fiat currency as we believe this will be the catalyst to create the identity for the community and allow them to socialize, engage and co-create.