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Introducing Colorverse

Official Colorverse Whitepaper, updated Sept 2022
Colorverse blends the best elements from Earning and Entertainment activities for Creators and Fans

Asia’s Next Game-Changing NFT Community Economy Platform

Colorverse is an Asia first community economy builder with an NFT advertising solution that connects brands, creators, and fans, powered by blockchain technology and an ecosystem.
Colorverse, which was born in 2021, is designed to turn the current social entertainment environment on its head. We want to provide everyone the ability to enjoy entertainment while growing their wealth through the web3.0 experience, which we called "Earn-tertainment." We are here to transform the existing creator economy into a new era of community economy and to provide a fresh viewpoint towards influencer marketing.
With the Web3.0 technology, the ownership is shared and co-creation is allowed within the community, via blockchain. Creators, consumers and brands are now with new way to interact and communicate under this circumstance.
Colorverse is here to tap into this philosophy and to elevate the current creator-centric economy to community-centric economy. Our aim is to unleash the power of community to overcome the limitations of the current social media.

Our NFT Community Spirit

  • Get Social and make extraordinary connections.
  • Get Rewarded in more ways than just financial upside.
  • Get Excited for a world of immersive entertainment experiences.